Winston de Wardt is an accredited professional racing driver with a diverse background of competition and coaching, from Formula cars to Rally / Drifting.

Winston de Wardt

Winston has years of experience in performance motorsports training that allows him to form strong relational bonds and quickly relate to any client and communicate readily the techniques he is teaching.

Born in Thailand with British and American parents, having lived in multiple countries, and now based in the United States of America; Winston has a global culture. He’s honed his discipline in karting, junior-level single-seat open-wheeled racing in the US, training in Formula Renault in Europe, professional training in autocross and car control, ice driving, and rallying. These accolades form the foundation of his wide-ranging skills and the ability to effectively teach a variety of performance motorsports.

Winston is a three-year veteran instructor / trainer at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School. He also currently serves as an instructor with DirtFish Rally School and Proformance Racing school in Washington. Winston has acquired the experience and ability to coach all forms of competitive driving.

Sponsorship of Winston Motorsport

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Winston Motorsport

Our Expertise

With years of experience both driving and teaching a wide range of competitive high-performance motorsports, Winston de Wardt provides top-flight lessons to take your driving skills to the next level.

Race Driver

Winston has years of experience driving and teaching in competitive racing, from rallying to karting.

Stunt Driver

From high-performance road driving to ice driving, Winston will teach you how to drive safely, even at high speed.


Winston holds numerous licenses and certifications, and is an official teacher and coach with several schools.


Winston Motorsport is fortunate to have a number of commercial partners that understand the business benefits that performance motorsports and racing can offer an innovative brand. These valued partners share our vision for success, and we fully appreciate the support of each of them. We look forward to adding to this partnership portfolio.

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